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Kratom Demographics In Depth

Highlights •Kratom is primarily used by a population 31-50 years old and making $35,000 or more. •40% of respondents discussed Kratom use with their healthcare provider. •Kratom-related toxicity requiring treatment had an incidence of 0.65%. •Kratom is mainly used for pain, mood swings, and opioid-related withdrawal symptoms. •Potential dose-dependent effect for both perceived beneficial and… Read more


Kratom Documentary and Kratom Literacy Project Update for May

First, I must apologize for my absence here on the blog. I’ve been working 5 gigs (yes, five.) While a couple of these gigs only take an hour or two per week, when you add it all up, it becomes enormously overwhelming. At any rate, I’m going to be moving the Kratom Literacy Project over… Read more